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Entity Engine in PHP

EntityEngine is a nice pattern for externalizing the different components (logic) of an entity (object). And particularly effective in games, where features of an object is shared among many different types. This way the behavior of the object is put into separate components. The idea is that an entity is pretty much just an ID, and the components are referenced via. the entity ID.

Ogre3d in Netbeans 7

Recently me and a friend of mine started talking about creating a game using C++. After a little looking around, we decided on the OGRE game engine as the framework of choice and me being a fan of Netbeans, we choose that as IDE. Here comes a little guide to setting up an OGRE 1.7.2 project in Netbeans 7 RC using MinGW on Windows 7.

Automatic Testing with PHP

Want to commit Friday night? Tired of the same bug appearing again, when already fixed it once? Constantly writing small test.php scripts to test behavior?

Setting up Jenkins with Github

I just spend a lot more time cloning from github in Jenkins CI than was necessary.

Unicode Fonts with Slick

I used the UnicodeFont component in the Slick library for font rendering and it works flawlessly. I don't really need the runtime glyph loading, but i made a mistake when adding the AngelCode implementation, which caused me to switch the whole thing out.

Getting Started With Java Game Making

I have long been wanting to get started with some game development. I have also started several times, but each time it's i have lost interest before ever reaching something of early alpha quality. This time is no different from the others, but whats there to do, other than keep trying?