Getting Started With Java Game Making

17 Oct 2010 by Martin Vium

I have long been wanting to get started with some game development. I have also started several times, but each time it's i have lost interest before ever reaching something of early alpha quality. This time is no different from the others, but whats there to do, other than keep trying?

The choice of language has fallen on Java. There are several reasons for that, some of them outlined below:

  • Much of the general code found in the internet and examples in books are written in Java.
  • I prefer writing in a managed language, coming from a PHP background.
  • I like Java, though i don't have much experience in it.

Next comes the question of which library to base the whole thing on. Previous "games" I've written have been stock. Maybe that is the reason it's run into the sand. Here are some of what i was looking for, though some it may seem redundant:

  • Simple framework, without to much "magic" going on behind the scenes.
  • 2D which really relates to the simplicity-thing. I don't want to spend all my time designing levels and animations.
  • Still comes most of the basic concepts, giving me a direction to work in.

The choice fell on a the game engine Slick written in Java. It fits pretty well with my requirements, and i read a couple of positive mentions, while searching the web.

Now i have found out which language and library i am going to use. Note that this is somewhat of a self documenting effort. Here are some technologies related to Slick, the library im basing my game on.